Photographer Larry Andersen's vision for your home

I had a random thought a few months ago: why are shower curtains, bedspreads and such so dull? They’re the biggest canvases in our homes, and we fill them with innocuous prints. A few days later, looking at a wonderfully detailed photo of an egret in flight that I’d taken, I had a vision of that amazing bird filling a bedspread...and was born!

These are all my pictures, my words, my won't find them anywhere but here. They’re big and bold. You’ll look at them often, discovering details you’d missed. May they make your home as boundless and enchanting as nature. 

Some customer quotes...

There's nothing like having handmade art in your home. Such a bonus that a mundane object (shower curtain) can be so elevated!
- Alice C.

Every day I look at my heron and notice new things about its feathers or the angle of its neck. So happy with my shower curtain.
- Kelly S

Yes, feel comfy and look great! (throw pillow)
Carol H